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If you love adventure, thrills, fun and magic, we are delighted to introduce you to the World of Nyms game website ! Our community is under construction and we need you to extend it !

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Planned release : PC / November 2018

What is World of Nyms ?

World of Nyms is an indie video game in which you lead a team of three complementary heroes.
Thanks to them you can control natural elements,
such as fire, wind, and water in a multitude of theme worlds

Whether it’s snowy or covered in lava or sand, every world challenges the strengths and the weaknesses of your team.
The gameplay adapts itself to you: in World of Nyms you are free to combine elements between your team in order to advance in the adventure !

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We like beautiful stories.

We think that the capacity to be amazed is a precious gift that makes people happy.
We believe that the power of a video game can be one source of amazement.
We have been working on World of Nyms for 2 years strong to give you a captivating action adventure game.

Inspired by popular folklore, World of Nyms takes place in different worlds that we can’t wait for you to discover!

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We are passionate.

We have developed World of Nyms with love. Passionately and independently,
we do everything with our own little hands.

World of Nyms is entirely financed by our team members. Your support means a lot to us.
It inspires us tomake World of Nyms better every day.

Thank you very much !